Friday, March 9, 2012

Happy New Year!

I am completely aware that I am 3 months late in wishing you all a Happy New Year.  It is March.  Are your resolutions still in tact?  I, for one, am still working out diligently to try to get atleast 5-10 pounds of this bad weight off of me before my 20th year class reunion rolls around in April!  Yes, I said 20 years out of high school...where has the time gone?

Speaking of which, my little one had a bday last month and I'm sitting here wondering where did THAT time go?  I had a blast planning his super hero themed party!  He had an awesome cake that I found online and had an amazing cake lady recreate for me:

I also ordered him a fabulous cape off of ETSY that he wouldn't wear, but it was cute.  It came with a mask and cuffs as well:

I found some great  Spiderman lunch sacks that I used as goodie bags.  I filled them with Super Hero themed candies, card games, coloring cards, and snacks:

My sister in law made some water bottles that went along with the theme nicely and I made sure everyone wore some sort of Super Hero shirt or costume!  The kids had a blast and he had an awesome bday!

I ended up getting some awesome pictures from the event!  Not as many as I want, but enough to create  few wonderful layouts and perhaps a cute little mini album! 


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