Sunday, December 22, 2013

2 Days to go!

It's Christmas time again!  In Texas, that means 60 degree weather and 2 weeks off of work (for me!)  I am so excited about my time off.  It gives me plenty of time to rest, scrap, and do some winter purging.  I started last week cleaning out things that I probably won't ever wear again.  My checklist for what to keep and what to give away goes something like this: Can it fit?  Should someone's mom be wearing that?  Will I ever be that size again?  Should an almost 40 year old be wearing that?  If the answer is no to all 4, it has to go!  I already have a big trash bag full of things to be donated to Goodwill.  It will probably be 2-3 when I am done purging my son's, my stepson's and my stepdaughter's closets as well.  In with the old to make room for the new...I mean, it is Christmas and everyone will be getting new things, right?

Speaking of Christmas, check out the most recent layout I worked on for a challenge over at

This is a layout of my youngest last year for Christmas.  He cracks me up...the things that were on his list this year were crazy!  First of all, I didn't even know what some of that was.  Then he hit me with, "I want a crazy cart."  A crazy cart is a go cart that costs $399.  Needless to say, he won't be getting that!  I was able to talk him out of 2 things that I couldn't even find.  Parents are ON IT this year with these toys.  Somethings were sold out 2-3 weeks ago when I started investigating.  I thought I was getting a headstart, but no.  Good thing I was able to snatch that Skylander Swapforce starter pack during Black Friday!  Hope he is excited about that.  I guess I need to brace myself since he is getting older!  He also lost his 4th tooth last week.  Stay tuned for a layout with that cute pic...all he wants for Christmas are his 2 front tooth (which are both missing, by the way!)

Here is a layout of him that I did for the debut layout on the Stick it Down blog:

Here is the sketch I used to create it:

It was a lot of fun to use paints on this one!  The red and aqua "drizzle" makes the colors in the pics POP!  Quiet as kept, I love stepping out of my comfort zone and adding paints and mists to my creations.  However, my papers tend to warp a little if I use too much.  Right now, I have this layout sitting beneath some stacks in hopes that it'll smooth it out a bit.  Be sure to check out the Stick it Down blog and follow!


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