Friday, December 27, 2013

Random Acts of Kindness

Back in January of this year I responded to a Facebook post where the poster was to send the first 5 people to respond to the post a random act of kindness sometime throughout the year.  The catch was that I had to post the same "challenge" and pay it forward.  I remember getting envelopes ready for the ladies who responded to my post and making them cards, never to send them.  Why not?  I was waiting on the "perfect time," a time where they would have forgotten and would really be suprised when they received my gift!  Well, now I'm racing against the!  There is no doubt that those ladies forgot.  I know other people who initiated the challenge probably forgot's easy to forget.

Outside of this Facebook challenge, I can't even tell you how many random acts of kindness I have performed this year.  I've used my giftcards in stores and passed the rest off to the person behind me.  I've bought and mailed items for people that I thought they would like, just because.  Why?  Because it makes me feel good to give or do things for people...something to put a smile on their face, make them feel special or let them know I am thinking about them. 

Seems like my son is catching on as well.  He had been asking me to make clipboard for his teachers for a long time!  I got up this morning and decided to finally make them.  I guess it's his random act of kindness.  I'd be broke if I acted on every demand he has to buy something for his teacher...he absolutely adores them! Here they are:

One teacher LOVES monkeys and the other has her room decked out in a Rock Star theme.  Both were very easy to find paper and embellies for!

Here is close of up of the monkey topper.  Is that not the cutest monkey you have ever seen?  I went into my stask of chipboard and found this in a K & Company pack.  I also added some silver stickles to the zebra ribbons around the Rock Star add a little more pizazz.  I churned these out in about an hour...modge podged them and everything!  It's something I know they will use over and over again.  I can't wait until he gives it to them!

For 2014, my goal is to perform a random act of kindness every month, minimally.  Imagine, if 12 people payed it forward 12 times each...that's 144 other people blessed!  Blessings were never meant to be kept...I'm going to share mine!  I challenge you to share yours as well.


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